Company Profile

First National Andrew McGrath is an energetic and dynamic office, faithfully providing top class customer service and delivering outstanding results for our valued clients.

Andrew McGrath, the Director, has more than 2 decades of local experience.  He is a 3rd generation Real Estate Agent, Licensed since 1995, A Registered Property Valuer, Graduate API, Teacher of Real Estate at TAFE and has his B. Com degree from Newcastle University, graduating in 1993.

Leanne McGrath came to Real Estate 10 years ago, from the world of Graphic Design, Media & Advertising.  Leanne has taken all our in house and external advertising to a professional level, but still enjoys day to day involement with the Sales & Property Management teams, delivering unparalled customer service with a focus on client satisfaction.

Shaun Thornton has joined the Sales Team.  Shaun comes from Mining but attained his Real Estate Certificate of Registration several years ago.  Shaun has gathered some Real Estate experience over the years with different firms and is looking to move into the profession more permanently.  Shaun moved to our area a few years ago ... but he still can't surf.  Shaun is available for professional Real Estate advice most days.

Chad Helton is a natural in the Property Industry.  Chad has had a lifelong interest in the field and is a Licensed Real Estate Agent.   A native of Stockton, Chad loves the coast and is available to assist you with any of your real estate Sales needs

Angela Kellemen is excelling in the role of Sales Support.  Angela is thorough and the most organised person we've ever known.  Currently Angela's main responsibilities include Sales and Marketing tasks, however she is still involved with Property Managment.

Rebecca Stunnel has a diverse skill set and can't be tied down to just one role within the industry.  Titled Business Development Office, Rebecca has been active in Property Management, but is equally skilled in the areas of Sales and Marketing.

Rachael Thomas has bought her bubbly personality to the Property Managment team.  Rachael's responsibilities include Routine Inspections with tenants, rent collection, maintenance requests and administration.     

Rebecca and Angela work together and can be the first point of contact for all our clients, whether it is a Property Management or Sales matter.  The dynamic duo offer support to both our Sales Team and our Property Managment Team and play a vital role in Marketing.

First National Andrew McGrath aims to always provide you with something special in all of our dealings. It is our energy, experience and product knowledge that sets our office apart.

Passion - Our passion for Real Estate means our clients are never disappointed with the results attained by First National Andrew McGrath

Experience – Buying, Selling, Renting and Property Management are only the most broadly needed facets of Real Estate.  Property valuation, Land development and Project Management are other areas of Real Estate that First National Andrew McGrath is accomplished in.

Professionalism – Face to face, over the phone, in your home or in our office our creed of professionalism is obvious.  Friendly, approachable, professional and experienced at First National Andrew McGrath, we put you first.

First National Andrew McGrath benefits from more than 20 years of local Real Estate experience - both in Sales & Property Management and boasts one powerful team at 3 convenient locations.

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