The Renting Process

Welcome to First National Andrew McGrath – and thanks for taking the time to read this information, we hope it will give you an insight into the Renting process.  If you do have any questions or need more information, please contact our office on 4972 1066 we’ll be happy to help.

The Application Process

Once you have found a home that you would like to call your own, you will need to find out the arrangements for inspections.  Usually our office will conduct group inspections for a property, but we are also happy to arrange a private inspection to suit your time requirements.

If the home does indeed fit your needs you will need to fill in an application.  The application form can be downloaded from this website and either emailed back to us or print it and bring it in to our office.  Either way, please remember to attach photocopies of your ID to your application and the accompanying documentation (listed below) before submitting it to our office.

We will need 100pts of ID.  The points allocated to individual items are listed below.

            40pts            Passport                       

            40pts            Birth Certificate                       

            40pts            Drivers License                       

            30pts            Proof of Age Card

            30pts            Utilities Bill (Electricity, Gas)

            30pts            Picture ID

            30pts            Centrelink ID

            20pts            Current Bank Statement

            20pts            Car Registration

            20pts            Health Care Card

            20pts            Credit Card

            20pts            Copy of last Tenancy Agreement

We will also need proof of your income (copies or recent pay slips) and to save time, a copy of your Tenant Ledger from your current Landlord or Agent.  If you are unable to provided a copy we will contact your current Landlord/Agent to ask for a copy to be sent to us.  Sometimes this request can delay our checking procedure because we may not be able to reach your current Property Manager quickly (Property managers are very busy people) or they might be a bit slow in faxing it through to us.  Your application cannot be approved with out a copy of your Tenant Ledger if you are currently renting.

Once your application is checked we will contact the Landlord to seek approval for you.  If you are successful we will contact you to arrange a convenient time to sign the lease!  We will ask you to deposit your first weeks rent into our account to hold the property – until we receive that deposit the property will continue to be advertised and shown.

The lease is a legally binding document.  We will take you through the lease step by step and explain each section to you before you sign.  We will also provide you with a copy of a detailed inspection report that notes the condition of the property at the start of your tenancy.  When you move on we will take the same report back to your property as a reference and check the home has been left in the same condition as it was at the beginning of your tenancy and that no damage has been done.

When you sign your lease you will need to have the following monies:


The equivalent of 4 weeks rent (for an unfurnished property – 6 weeks for a furnished home)

is lodged and held in your name with the Rental Bond Board until the end of your tenancy,   (See our… Cleaning For Your Bond Page that has some helpful advice on how to make sure you get all your bond back)


 1 weeks rent will be added to the first weeks rent you paid as a holding deposit.  Once receipted you will be 2 weeks in advance.  You will be required to pay your rent again in 7 days time to maintain the appropriate “one week in advance” during your tenancy.

After you have signed the lease and your monies have been receipted, you will be given the keys to your new home!


Repairs & Maintenance

While your rental is considered “your home” for the duration of your tenancy, you are not permitted to make any changes to the property without the Landlords consent.  You are required to maintain the property, mow lawns, weed gardens etc but you cannot for example add new garden beds or paint any rooms.  You must seek the Landlords approval before ANY changes can be made.

With regard to repairs, please contact us.  We will contact the Landlord firstly to seek their approval then contact the appropriate tradesman to organize the repair.  Unfortunately, if the tradesman finds that the problem was caused by you, a member of your family or one of your appliances you will be liable for the tradesman’s bill.  So please, take the time to try to find the source of the problem before you contact us, just as you would if you owned the home.

If the repair is urgent, for example a burst Hot water Service or a serious electrical problem, once again contact us urgently and we will organize the repair ASAP.  We can be contacted 7 days a week on 0428 406 442.  However, if you are unable to get through to us – and the problem presents a serious risk to you, your family or the property, you, as the tenant, are authorized to spend the equivalent of 2 weeks rent making the property safe again.  The most important thing to us and the Landlord is your safety.


Time to move on

When you have decided to leave your Rental you will need to give us Notice in writing.  The following information may help you through the process.

If the term of your lease has expired you are required to give us 21 days notice.  If your lease hasn’t ended yet, we only require 14 days notice.  To be sure, check your lease.  The expiry date is detailed on the second page of your lease, under the heading of TERM.

To Give Notice you can email us at, and please include the following information:

            Your name and address

            The date you intend to leave

            Your forwarding address

            Your contact details

            Access details so we may show the property to prospective tenants