Pro-Active Investment Maintenance

Schedule Your Property Maintenance by season & trade
18-08-2018 |
An annual maintenance schedule for your rental can be a good habit to get into, as well as an excellent reference when selling. the property. If you were to plan by seasons, and by trades, you should be able to stay on top of any issues and ward off the bulk of any damage caused by storms. If you’re handy it can be a simple as annual inspection of your property so you can make a list of what is needed. If your property is managed by an agent you can have the inspection done by them. Most good Real Estate Agents will do an external inspection as well as an internal. Ideally, you will have a maintenance map that will stretch a few years ahead. Some of the maintenance will be annual upkeep, other issues will be plumbing and electrical and will be planned for. Externally, you should check fences, gates, external paint, roof, gutters & downpipes and the location and size of trees around the block, in reference to your sewer pipes. If you’re not handy, you or live far away, consider having a qualified tradesman attend to troubleshoot any issues. You would probably only be up for a call-out fee and you would have a clear picture of what will be needed. Keep in mind that the costs may be a tax deduction. Another idea would be to have a Building Inspector attend the property. They are paid to spot problems before they arise and as long as your heart can take the brutish wording of the report, you will have the perfect maintenance map with suggested time frames for the work to be done. If you are looking at selling the investment property within 12 to 18 months this option would be the way to go, even though it may be a little more costly. Try to have anything external fixed before the big summer storms blow up from February. Mind you, given the current weather conditions big summer storms can happen any time! Internally, you should check the ceiling for water leaks. A big problem during storm season. If you are having the plumber check the roof, have him change tap washers and electric eel the sewer (if you have trouble with tree roots) while he’s there. Even the most minor leak can cause major problems in a big storm. Once you have your Maintenance map you can plan your schedule, according to seasons and necessity. Annual maintenance should include: A pest inspection A smoke detector inspection We have included an example of what your schedule could look like. Please call our office on 4972 1066 and we'll post you a copy. If you were to keep each year’s schedule in a folder with the trademen’s invoices you would have a clear maintenance record to hand to any potential buyers when it comes time to sell..