To Warm Up Your Buyers

By Bianca Jones

19-08-2018 |
Styling your house for sale in Summer, when you live in a Coastal town is pretty easy ... Open the doors to let the sea breeze in and put a bottle of wine on the outside table. Winter can be just as easy though. Outside areas and gardens still sell - even in winter! Here’s a few tips for you to consider... For an early morning appointment when the weather is supposed to be good, put a pot of coffee on the outside table and some great looking treats. Don’t expect them to be there when you come back though. For an afternoon appointment on a nice winter’s day, try a bottle of red wine and some cheese & crackers. If you have a sunny deck, drape a cosy blanket over a chair to set the mood. For days when the weather is rainy or cold, try cooking a curry in a slow cooker and have some mellow music playing. Leave the heating on for the appointment, so the house is cosy. The smell will drift through the house & make everyone hungry. Maybe even set the table just to drive the buyer crazy! If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace, show it off! Make sure it’s lit and have a rug and a book nearby.